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Capacity Building

We provide training and education programs tailored to the specific needs of vulnerable communities, enabling them to develop life skills, knowledge and self-reliance for adapting to climate change and other social conditions.

Climate Change Adaptation Actions

We promote and impelemt climate resilience initiatives, including sustainable agriculture, disaster preparedness, water conservation, renewable energy solutions, reforestation and afforestation for carbon markets and community benefit.

Advocacy and Policy Influence

The organization acts as a voice for marginalized communities and indigenous groups in advocating for rights based approaches, policies, and initiatives that prioritize their needs. Through partnerships, awareness campaigns, and policy engagement, Jenga Future Initiatives aims to influence positive change at local, national, and international levels.

Innovation, Technology and Resource Centres

Creating inclusive centers within communities that will enable access to technologies, knowledge, skills, and new approaches to addressing complex and persistent social and environmental problems, hence creating opportunities for social inclusion transformation and resilience building.